Receiving / Crossdocking

Receiving / Crossdocking / Warehousing


Receiving, inspection & hold for delivery.

Need a receiving agent for your merchandise? We can arrange that! Does the warehoused merchandise require pre-delivery preparation and deluxing?   We can do that!  Buying furniture from the United States for delivery into Canada?  Contact INCARTA to see how we can help ease the cross-border delivery issue!

If you are a national firm with no local point of presence or need to have an agent-type relationship for local shipping/delivery needs, INCARTA may be the perfect solution!

INCARTA can work with you and your suppliers to set up a custom receiving program which can include temporary storage until delivery and unloading service at our location.  As our current on-site storage is limited, please contact us for information.  Please note that our warehouse IS fully truck-accessible, but we have no capacity to HOLD trailers/container chassis for unloading, so live unloads are required.

Whatever your specific needs are, INCARTA can offer you a tailor-made solution!

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