Pricing & Rates

Please contact us directly for pricing and costs – this is a rough guideline only, and prices depicted here cannot be guaranteed – they are a guideline only!

While most of our pricing is individualized and tailored to the specific job and client, this page can provide a rough overview.  While INCARTA will not be your cheapest cost service provider, by the time you factor in professional handing  and damage/claim avoidance, as well as positive customer-image (ie: the intangibles), the base-cost becomes less of an issue.

Please note that due to EXTREMELY high diesel-fuel prices, carbon-tax and other government policies which have impacted ALL transportation-sector based businesses, INCARTA is currently charging a Fuel Surcharge (FSC) of 25%. (subject to change based on diesel rack pricing)

INCARTA’s standard delivery rate within the Metro Vancouver area, which includes either 1 (one) same-day pickup and 1 (one) delivery or day-prior pickup (based solely on operational and cost factors) & includes blanket wrap service starts at: $95.00.

Service to/from the Fraser Valley or North (west) past Horseshoe Bay starts at: $130.00. It is worth noting that service WITHIN either the Fraser Valley or the Sea-to-Sky Corridor is usually rated at the within Metro Vancouver rate.  Due to INCARTA’s service schedule, please contact our office for all pickup and delivery needs OUTSIDE the Metro Vancouver area.

Hourly/Charter/Exclusive Service: this may be a better and more cost effective option for larger or more complex projects or stringent requirements.  INCARTA’s standard rate for a fully-equipped delivery/moving truck with driver and swamper is: $90.00/hr (plus the FSC).  For a fully-equipped delivery/moving truck with driver and two swampers: $125.00/hr (plus the FSC). None of our trucks can currently carry more than 3 employees, although additional labour can be arranged at an additional cost by means of a second truck or van.

Special Services:

Here are some of the Specialized Services INCARTA can provide; please contact us for specifics and to discuss your individual requirements!

– HOT-SHOT transportation throughout North America
– trade show setup/strike
– store openings (fixture and furnishings loadout)
– luggage truck service (for rail/tour bus/coaches – charter, camp or team events)
– exhibits, conventions, festivals, cabinet and millwork delivery
– third-party crane service (where we cannot hoist it ourselves).

For more information or to customize either an individual delivery/move or design a larger scale program, please contact INCARTA directly!

Phone: 1-604-594-7126
Fax: 1-604-594-7149
email: [email protected]

We look forward to serving you now and in the future!

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