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Household/Residential (HHG) Moving & Labour

INCARTA provides full service residential moving. While a lot of our clients are referrals from deliveries we have made to them, we also have a lot of “word-of-mouth” referrals. Because it is not our main focus, we don’t have a lot of call-in moves, but this is changing due to the fact that there are now so many “fly-by-night”, uninsured or quite frankly unscrupulous/unqualified moving companies out there.

While INCARTA does not actively advertise as household movers, we are more than happy to quote on and take on this work, usually as referrals!  This means that you get the personal attention you deserve and are always more than just a work-order # which happens at some larger moving companies.

ALWAYS ask to verify business licenses, WorkSafeBC coverage and Liability  Insurance when selecting your mover! Failure to verify these 3 key things can lead to no end of untold headaches later on.  Checking standing with the Better Business Bureau also helps (notice our link on EVERY page?)

Be wary of low-cost movers that only advertise on Craigslist or Kijiji, and have a “template” website.  Are there any pictures of their REAL trucks?  Do they have REAL furniture pads, or just old quilts and bedding-blankets? Do your homework and verify information -- remember the old adage -- ‘if it seems too good to be true it probably is!’

Moving your home (and all of your prized possessions) is probably one of the most stressful life events you can undergo.  At INCARTA, we understand this, and our fully trained and qualified crews will work WITH you, not just FOR you, to make your move as stress-free as possible.  From full-pack and unpack service, to moving just the heavy items, INCARTA can tailor a solution for you.

Some key points to consider when planning your move are:
  - timing: is your timeline realistic enough to allow everything to happen without being TOO rushed?
  - have you de-cluttered and right-sized your possessions PRIOR to move day?  It is uneconomical to pay the movers to haul stuff that you will yard-sale as soon as it is unpacked!  If you are downsizing, will all your STUFF fit in your new place?  Not only will it FIT IN the room, but HOW will it fit thru the doors, down the hallway, etc!
  - access for the movers: is there adequate parking close to the load/unload points to save time and distance?  Do you need to get a parking permit, block meters, or just use some cones/sawhorses to block your neighbours for the moving van?  Low-hanging trees or awnings? Rule of thumb is that the truck should be able to get within 100’ of the point of access to your residence or additional charges may apply.  Most of our trucks are “5-tons” which are 36’ long and need about 13’6” of height clearance.
  - elevators/apartments/strata: have you booked the elevator?  Paid any move-in/-out fees?  Are there day of week or time of day restrictions?  Secured parking near building entry?
  - do you need extra insurance?  Does your household policy cover moves?  Do you need additional insurance?  Check with your policy carrier first  Ask us if you are not sure!
 - Please note that due to their nature and inherent vices, SOME items are NOT covered for loss nor damage during transportation/moving; this includes CURRENCY/STAMPS/BONDS/MONETARY INSTRUMENTS, HIGH VALUE JEWELRY (move these yourself!), frozen/chilled food (temperature cannot be guaranteed!), unpacked/uncrated GLASS, MIRRORS, MARBLE, SLATE, LIMESTONE (fragile by their nature, need to be properly prepared for shipment, or travel at OWNERS RISK!), LIVE PLANTS/ANIMALS (again, temperature and ventilation are not guaranteed, we can do our best with plants, but there are no promises - Please take Fido or Fluffy in your own vehicle!), explosives, compressed gases, flammable gases/liquids, matches, caustics/corrosives (includes BBQ propane tanks, aerosols, paint, bleach), and anything loose or spillable (this includes plant dirt, unless bagged, detergent etc -- if you don’t want it to spill on the pure white sofa loaded next to it, do you really want it in the truck?).  Futhermore, please label all boxes/totes containing liquids!  Damage resulting from spills of unlablelled liquids will not be honoured!
  - how much work do you want to do?  If you have everything packed properly, and have disassembled furniture that needs to come apart, it will save you MONEY on the move -- balance that against how much time you have, and what YOUR time is worth.  It may be easier and ultimately cheaper for the movers to do it.  But tell us ahead of time, so that we can plan for it and price your move accurately!  We will be more than happy to do it, but it does take extra time, which translates into extra cost!

How INCARTA does residential moving:
Even though INCARTA is not a vanline agent (Atlas, Allied, Mayflower, United, northAmerican, Great Canadian to name a few), all of our equipment and techniques IS on par or beyond what the major vanlines do -- all except the price!  This starts from our protection of your residence, using hall runners/floor protection, padding bannisters and railings, right down to the fact that we blanket-wrap all larger items (or even ALL items) IN YOUR HOME before we even take then out to load them on our moving van!  What this does is protect your home (if we do brush a wall, the item is padded and the chance of leaving a mark on the wall OR the piece is very slim), keeps drawers and loose parts contained, AND it also makes it much faster to actually LOAD the truck and put the items away correctly!  Upon delivery, the process is reversed ad we UNWRAP the items IN YOUR HOME, again for the same reason!  This may seem to add prep time, but it makes the OVERALL process faster and offers the UTMOST protection of your precious belongings throughout the ENTIRE moving process!  Let INCARTA put your mind at ease and take the stress of YOUR move on OUR shoulders!

Regular moves, loading portable storage & rental trucks, packing services,  crating, special products, packing material purchase.

How to save money on your move (BE PREPARED), options on services we can do for you

Full blanket-wrap service, floor protection with neoprene floor runners,  protection of bannisters, door casings, etc. as required.

Proper loading of the moving truck is a lot like playing "Tetris” with furniture and boxes.  In a lot of the cases, it is easier to load a moving van correctly if there is a mix of furniture and properly packed cartons.  ALWAYS tape your cartons, NEVER just fold the flaps over!  It is NOT secure!  When properly packed, a moving van load is TIGHT and SECURE -- it is when things are loose and can shift in transit that they get damaged.  Proper pad-wrapping of wood furniture, appliances, electronics that are too large to pack and upholstery will protect it from scratches and gouges on the truck and while being moved into and out of your home.  If you have mattresses, please consider using plastic mattress bags to protect and keep them clean.  INCARTA can supply these for move day by prior arrangement, or you can purchase your own from any moving supply depot.

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