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INCARTA - Hoisting & Craning

This page will detail some of the details that went into the 2-truck, 6-man, 4th-floor (56-foot) hoist of a highly customized desk unit at 5099 Springs Blvd in Tsawwassen  ....

Merchandise was a custom-built desk unit destined for a 4th floor apartment. The length of the unit was in excess of 108 inches (9  FEET) which precluded it from fitting in the “larger than standard size” elevator, and also made navigating the staircase a COMPLETE impossibility (rest assured, that a FOURTH floor stair carry is a minor compared to some more CHALLENGING deliveries INCARTA has done!).

The piece to be hoisted was carefully and thoroughly wrapped in thick quilted furniture pads, with special attention given to critical damage points, such as edges,  corners and especially where the HOIST STRAPS were cinched tight.  The entire “mummified” piece was then shrink-wrapped to hold the pads tightly to the piece, as well as provide protection from the elements.  Piano straps were then cinched tight over the 8-fold padding to provide the main lifting points. Heavy duty rope with pre-tied and spaced knots (known as HOIST ROPE) was attached to the HOIST STRAPS and further secured with additional ropes. Due to the excess HEIGHT of the hoist (56’), a GUIDE ROPE was also needed to help pull the piece away from the building as it neared the protruding balconies.

At ground level, we had a few sheets of plywood on standby to protect the grass surface we were hoisting FROM, and at the 4th floor, we had extra furniture pads to  cover the balcony railing over which the piece was to be gracefully man-handled once hoisted.

As you can imagine, this whole operation took a lot of planning and forethought, as well as the skill and strength of professionally trained furniture delivery employees.
Of course, once the hoist itself was complete, everything still needed to be placed into the correct room inside the apartment, which was accomplished with some FURNITURE DOLLIES. The entire unit was then attached and assembled and finally  all the paperwork completed!

This job went off without any glitches whatsoever and resulted in ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER! (We hope to get a testimonial from him soon!)

08 December 2011

Crew: Mike S, Rob, Hardy & Lloyd, Brad, Casey

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Specialized Equipment, Preparation & Know-how. Piano Straps, Hoist Ropes, Furniture Pads, Blanket Wrap etc.

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